How to Change the Default Permissions in Sitecore

Sometimes you may need to change default permissions for all users. Instead of creating a super-role that all roles are a member of, you can instead edit the "Everyone" role directly.

The "Everyone" role is a special sort of role. You won't find it listed in any user's "Member of" panel, nor will you find it in the Role Manager at all. Yet it is the root of all users' security settings:

the security editor showing the 'Everyone' 'account' being the source of the permissions for a user.

Why is it called the Everyone "account" on this screen, Morty? The answer is, Don't think about it.

You can only find the "Everyone" role in the security editor:

the 'Everyone' role in the Security Editor

I found everyone!

Each domain also has its own "Everyone" role (e.g. sitecore\Everyone, extranet\Everyone), which you can edit to set default permissions for users in that domain.

the access viewer showing a user's permissions inherited from the sitecore\Everyone role

Not every everyone is equal to every other everyone.

There you have it! Be sure that you are properly copying your roles to production as well.


  • To set the default permissions for all users, edit the "Everyone" role in the Security Editor.
  • To set the default permissions for all users in a domain, edit the "domain\Everyone" role (where "domain" is the domain in question).